Skiathos Pt.2

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Skiathos Pt 2 continue~ we kept the adventurous days till last, which included rough roads and choppy water~ 

To get the best views of the island, I would recommend renting a quadbike if you plan on visiting Skiathos; It will provide fabulous views and an opportunity to visit sacred beaches which you can get to with only quad/boat.  

One of my favourite mornings was driving around the mountain (looking like a bee). It was good to escape the open air and be surrounded by the smell of pine trees and the sound of wild life. 


Again, comfort is key, ecspecially when you half a day on a quad. Kept it simple in high waisted swimming knickers, a Berksha shirt tied up, matching socks with platforms and my Gucci’s (you never know who you might bump into) while being in the mountain. My bag from Topshop, to finish off the look. Tim kept it cool and chic in his Urban Outfitters shirt and Ray Ban glasses.  

On our second last day we rented a speedboat. If you know me, you’ll know Im not the most comfortable in or on sea, however with no Sharks and supposedly no waves, I thought Id give it another go on the boat. We had a little bit of training before hand with a map guiding you around the 30 beaches available to visit. 

Finding a swimsuit which makes you feel sexy yet comfortable is a nightmare however this Swimsuit from Jaded Lnd was the perfect fit, with a touch of Versace style to it; A bikini cut to show off a little cheeky bum. Kept all my looks pretty much ‘Dirty Dancing’ inspired with one piece swimsuits, chunky platforms and oversized men’s shirts. 



Day time consisted of bathing in the sun and evenings served generous plates of food and Greek salads. 

But all good things must come to an end, so we went to town one last time. We ended up getting lost in between alleys and dodging scooters balancing bags of fruit while rushing to work. I kept it simple in a hand woven dress from Greece, with fabulous embroidered sleeves and hem. 


I fell in love all over again, with the cobbled stone alleys, the friendly community and the slower pace of life. 

We didnt see dolphins this time around but we got to explore different areas of Skiathos. 



On our last night I got spoilt with dinner at my favourite restaurant; Olive Thea Restaurant. A restaurant up so high, overlooking the entire Skiathos. Magical just wont do! 

Summer on Skiathos Island Pt.1

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After weeks of excitement and planning wardrobe outfits, we finally got to pack our bags for a long overdue holiday to the wonderful Skiathos, Greece. 

Why Skiathos? Its one of the most beautiful islands, friendly community, clear water, warm weather and incredible views, we just could not resist visiting again. They don't call it 'Boomerang Island' for nothing!


First things first.. What to pack when travelling light and braving very hot temperatures? Important to pack basics; A pair of denim and cycling shorts, one piece swimsuits (which can be worn as a top with a pair of high waisted jeans for a night out), silk scarfs; which can be used in multiple ways (around the head, as a belt, neck and even as a cropped top) a classic blazer and a few pairs of sunglasses to jazz up each outfit. 

With a pool, a bar not so far away, a walkway surrounded by lime trees, we couldn't resist getting to know our surrounding. Channeling a 'Dirty Dancing look' on the first day by pairing a one piece swimsuit with an oversized men's shirt (ideal to throw on if you want to cover up slightly) and chunky platforms. 

For dinner we went to one of our favourite restaurants; Salt and Pepper. Amazing service, red wine and very generous plates of food. 

After a good night rest we went to another favourite of ours; Troulos Bay; One of the most beautifull beaches. We snorkelled, absorbed all the sun, caught up on some reading and enjoyed the much slower pace of life. 

Kept it comfortable in a one piece swimsuit; a very flattering low scooped back and high thigh cut; practical as well as fashionable.  Added a silk scarf for some detail and a pair of oval sunglasses and see-through bag from Topshop.  

Night life in Skiathos is exciting and offers a range of great restaurants, some overlooking the sea views and others tucked into cobbled alleyways. 

thumbnail 10.jpg

For dinner I wore a simple black slip dress, platforms and my classic blazer over the shoulder. We indulged in good food and copious amount of sweet Prosecco. 

On our third day, we took the quad bike to Skiathos town. Cute corners, cobbled stone alleys and a range of restaurant. We took a walk up to Agios Nikoloas Church and clock tower to enjoy the views overlooking the harbour, When doing a days walking, comfort is key. So I went for a sporty Madseventies look; cycling shorts from Toyshop, milkmaid blouse from my Madseventies collection, a men's oversized shirt tied around the waist, which can be changed into, throughout the day. 

Agios Nikoloas Church and clock tower


Lunch at 'The Bourtzi

After a long a day of walking, we went to a local restaurant 'Under the Pine Tree' in our area; enjoying some good old house wine, pita break and tzatziki, while sitting under the trees, listening to traditional Greek music. 

Tim channeling 90's Italian with his patterned shirt and combed back hair. I am wearing my trusted blazer, denim shorts and loafers with socks, to add a little formality to the outfit. 

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our Skiathos adventures. Will be posting the second part this weekend coming, involving our boat and quad trip around the island. 

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The Bianca Jagger inspired suit

Mia Williams

White suit and kick flares, fun T tucked in, Western boots, basket bag and my Gucci’s.


Todays look inspired by the one and only Bianca Jagger that rocked the white suit like no other. Effortly chic.

I dont know WHEN my suit obsessions started but I know from WHERE. The 70’s of course. David Bowie, Mick Jagger, François Hardy and then of course the goddess Bianca Jagger. WHY such a suit obsession?

I feel confident wearing a suit. I enjoy mixing the two pieces. I like wearing more masucline pieces and I find it more flattering than any other oufit in my wardrobe. It’s wardobe staple that can be worn through all seasons.

I am always on the lookout for a suit when buying stock for my shop and yesterday was one of those lucky days. A white suit. I’m also slowly but surely collecting some key pieces for summer and I am definitely building up more of a 90’s Italian wardrobe. Cotton shirt, sailor stripes, balloon sleeves, silk scarfs and lots of gold jewellery. And I cant wait!


For now, I’ll just live in my white suit till warmer weather.

I’d love to know how you building your wardrobe for summer? Which style are you leaning torward and what are the key pieces?


Thank you for reading! Happy week all!






Versace - Time is key

Mia Williams

Time is key

With summer approaching, our rails and drawers are slowly but surely making room for our summer dresses, sailor shirt, slipdresses, hats and accessories.

After a long, dark and harsh winter, I am looking forward to getting a golden tan, drinking Aperol Spritz/ice coffees in the sun and having picnics by the lake with friends.


With less layers, more exposed skin, I enjoy to accessorise with bold accessories, such as sunglasses, hats and my new favourite watch, gifted from Versus Versace.

Versus Versace creates watches that needs no introduction or any extra layerering. I chose the gold watch with small lion head carvings and a see-through face. A versatile colour that can be worn with delicate/sheer or paired up with an oversized workers shirt and roughly rolled up sleeves, for an every day look.


So no more excuses for running late nor simple summer looks.

Thank you Versus Versace and Grove Communication. Check out their website for more fabulous watches ~

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Take me out tonight

Mia Williams

It all started with a ‘Hi’, a night out on town and of course the love we have for fashion.

The inspiration behind our story? Music videos from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, also everyday people recreating a simple outfit without spending thousands of pounds and of course looks from the runaway, such as Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Gucci, John Lawrence Sullivan and few others.

Over the top layers, textures, patterns and accessories was key to each look. Multiple belts around the waist, draped faux fur, earrings and a pair of Gucci’s to complete the outfit. We also incorporated streetwear to compliment the delicasy of lace and sheer from the Madseventies collection.

Photography done by Lucio Lupacchini. The ability to capture the perfect combination between delicate and bold. Hair and make-up by Holger Hoelkeskamp, also the owner of Stresemann hairsalon in Düsseldorf. If you need a chic new hair cut, complete pampering then head down Streseman. Hair created in Take me out’ styled using Bumble and Bumble. Make up inspired by artists from the 60’s and 80’s, using the brand Smashbox to create Twiggy lashes and bold eyeshadow from the 80’s.  Vintage pieces from my shop Madseventies, styled and modeled by me. Using a variety of materials to create different layers of textures and really playing with colours.

With mimosas in hand, Blondie playing in the background and fabulous company we created ‘Take me out’ in Düsseldorf.

P.S They are also the best kind of people to know.

L 1.jpg
L 5.jpg
L 6.jpg
L 4.jpg
L 3.jpg




Talking layers. Self portaits and styling by me.

Mia Williams

Can one wear too many layers of clothing? Never!

Being the owner of my vintage shop ‘Madseventies’ has given me the opportunity to play dress up, style garments, describe and sell.

Depop app itself, has grown immensley in the last two years, with more sellers to the app. With more people selling (which is a step into the right direction to help our planet) means simply working harder, finding ways to make your brand even more desirable but most of all, staying true to what your brand stand for.

As a lover of fashion, I have always preferred more of a masculine style, and this comes from years back, raging through my dads wardrobe trying on his suits and making all kinds of knots or tucks to make an oversize shirt look stylish. So the times I get most inspired is during London Fashion Week Men’s which has been recently. And I am very excited to incorporate some of my favourite runaway looks into my shop as well as my personal wardrobe.

Exciting things are happening with Madseventies and all will be revealed soon. But for now, I thought I share some of my favourite looks from fashion and week and talk on how to work that into your daily looks.

The first look is inspired by the amazing John Lawrence Sullivan AW18 collection. Its all about the well tailored trousers, cinched-waist and detailed shirts. So I’ve paired up a pair of vintage leather trousers, with a 60’s high neck top, pullover knit, oversized leather jacket and of course a pair of fun kicks and fire socks to break the-all-leather-look.


In my second look Ive taken inspiration from the fabulous Ann Demeulemeester’s AW18 collection. Totally in love with the layers, different textures and patterns perfectly styled together. I’m wearing my pinstripe suit, layered with a gorgeous silk skirt, cinched with double belts and a leopard print bucket hat to clash patterns.


I’ve really enjoyed Alex Mullins AW collection. Im all about men’s trousers, oversized blazers with patterns to create depth.  So in my third look Im wearing oversized olive green trousers, Dolce and Gabanna shirt layered with a striped roll sleeve and a chocolate pinstrip blazer. Ive added a strapped sandal and glitter socks to soften the masculine look.


And onto my last look.  Mochino AW18 collection. The statement boots, the boxy jackets and bold patterns I could not resist. So I paired up a vintage boxy suede jacket with slim leggings and killer patent knee high boots. Ive added a sheer blouse with ‘sleeves for days’ to create movement to the look.

All these inspired looks has been styled with pieces from my Madseventies shop. As much as I (and maybe you) would love to wear a lot of these runaway looks, its just not possible budget wise, but that shouldnt stop you from taking inspiration from the catwalks and all walks of life. The fun part is create your own style and be comfortable with it.

Photography and styling ~ me

Vintage pieces ~ Madseventies

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