David Bowie. Always a fan

Mia Williams

As much as I love a night out dancing, on occasion I also enjoy getting up early on weekends, minus the cocktail headache!

What does a Saturday consist of? A good coffee on the go,  visit to our local food market in Stoke Newington for a breakfast bun. A ciabatta filled with wild mushroom cooked in a pesto sauce. Then, onto finding unique pieces to sell on my depop shop, madseventies.

I quite enjoy going to Shoreditch for some fashion and pattern inspiration. On Saturday morning I got all dressed up with my new Gucci sunglasses in hand and David Bowie T-shirt tucked into frayed hem denims. Photos taken infront of St Leonards Church in Shoredicth. Love love the big pillars.


My Saturday outfit :

T- shirt of my favourite icon (David Bowie),  tucked into frayed hem denims and a pair of black mules with gold detail. To finish off my look, I've added my pair of Gucci glasses for the ultimate 70's look. They bold, clear and the perfect statement piece.



I love layering garments but now and again I choose 'comfort' and 'simplicity' over everything else. I'm very much a boot girl and you won't see me in sandals very often, so these mules are the perfect inbetween.

Give me T-Shirt and a pair of your biggest boldets sunglasses any time of day.


To say thank you for the massive support on my shop ~Madseventies~ I'm doing a give away ! Win this fabulous David Bowie T-Shirt, a pair of yellow aviators and a black bumbag, perfect for festivals.

Head over to my shop ~Madseventies~ to see how to enter and win!

Thank you for reading

Lots of love