Gucci Inspired

Mia Williams

Clashing patterns, a blend of textures, mixing vintage with modern, suits with trainers, sporty with glam. This is just a few elements that were put together to create the perfect Gucci Cruise 2018 inspired story.

As a vintage seller I enjoy finding inspiration from designers such as Alessandro Michele.

From classic Co-Ord suits, cropped flared trousers to go-with-the-perfect-fit-jacket, dreamy dresses draped in gold accesories and trainers paired with suits.

The Gucci Cruis collection has inspired me to dig deep in my wardrobe to find those bold outfits that are kept only for special occasion or dress ups.  But why only wear your bold outfits for such occasions? Why not wear your best outfit on your daily coffee run or a trip to the post office?

I've put four looks together that inspired me from his recent Gucci Cruise collection.

The first look, a pair of Wrangler cropped flared denims, tucked in with a fun vintage T,  a grungy leather bomber jacket and a platform for a bit more glam. I completed the look with oversized 70's inspired Gucci sunglasses and red socks to tie up the look. if you don't feel like patterns, or too many bold colours then this is perfect. Simple mixed with classic.I have to admit, the second look was slightly out of my comfort zone. Suits and trainers?! I saw this on the runway and though this is just fabulous and a look I never thought I'd try. I loved how Gucci paired up the classic check suit and tie (worn by male and female) with a pair of 70's white trainers and fun patterned socks. In my inspired look I wore an urban coloured check suit paired up with my tennis trainers and instead of patterned socks I kept it slightly more simple with red socks and a beagle collar shirt. The perfect outfit when you late for those early morning meetings.



By now I was wind swept and ready to take on another Gucci inspired look. The velvet floral suit with a flared leg. This is one of my favourite outfits that needs no introduction or layers. It looks great paired up with a simple T and some grungy black boots but if you want go full Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy page then pair it up with a silk shirt and a patterned neck scarf.

I found this amazing suit during a late night of shopping in Oxford Street with the hope of finding the perfect birthday outfit. After many shops and lots of dissapointments I came across this dreamy suit in Warehouse! And no, its not vintage but definitely 70's inspired and the statement piece I was looking for!

In my final look I combined many patterns and textures. In the past I kept it quite simple and minimal but now I like to experiment with more bold looking outfits. I paired my 70's bottle green flares with a silk pattern shirt and a crochet knit to focus the eye on the 70's patterned collar. Then I layered the outfit with a sparkly knitwear and my favourite check school style blazer. I completed the look with some fun shaped face earrings and my green 70's style oversized Gucci glasses.



As much as I love finding inspiration from everyday people/designers/friends I enjoy it so much more putting a look together that resembles my style. With fashion changing weekly I think its important to wear pieces with confidence (even though it's not popular right now)  because let's face it, we will forever chase fashion trends.

Thank you to my wonderful friend/photographer/superwoman Anya for the photos and finding locations that complimented my outfits.

Most outfits from my range Madseventies

Floral suit Warehouse

Glasses Gucci

Trainers Nike

Thanks for reading.