Madseventies/Caseapp Holiday Give-Away

Mia Williams


Since living in London I’ve always found winter much more challenging. So this morning I had two choices.  Hide in my apartment and convince myself its too cold OR brave the slippy roads and snow?

I decided to embrace this wonderful day by wrapping myself up in many layers of clothing. With coffee in hand we walk down to one of our favourite parks; Clissold Park. What a beautiful sight. Everything  covered in white.

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With me I had my new phone cover sent from Caseapp. A company that allows you to design your unique phone/ipad or laptop cover.

My cheeky partner also designed his own phone case with one of his food photography images on. So snazzy!

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I’m also doing a little holiday give away. Head over to my Instagram ~Madseventies ~ to see how you can enter

Cheers from me and Mr Snowy and Happy Holidays!

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