The summer layer

Mia Williams

A lovely day spent at Isabella Plantain in weather as hot as 33 degrees.

An early start to the day, suitcase in hand and two coffees on the go. Eventually, arriving after two hours of travelling, very excited to step into nature, taking a little break from a busy London.

As much as we were hoping to see more rose bushes and wild flowers, we got layers of green instead!  Why complain, the smell of nature and the sounds of wild life was just magical.

How do I choose my looks for my blog? I ask myself which garments makes me feel comfortable and happy to move around in? Well... usually I end up throwing in lots of different style garments, just to be on the safe side. Right now I am into classic jackets (even in summer time), matching silk suits and tea dresses with big platforms (which I can hardly walk in) and some cute socks to go with it.

Green and rustic was the background for most my looks and I couldn't be more happier.





Draped over a tree trunk in my tea dress with buttons running all the way down. Paired up with my favourite broken strawhat, chunky strapped platforms and some net stockings. This will be available on my shop Madseventies' this coming week!





I would probably try to wear a suit through all seasons, even if its 34 degrees weather.  Love a simple silk suit with a subtle pattern. Paired up with a Purple Rain T-Shirt and a silk neck scarf and of course my ridiculously high heels.




This 60's style vintage mini dress with a prominent 80's shoulder  and a cheecky slip was sent to me by the lovely team from Tick Tock Vintage. If you a lover of vintage, a frill, a bit of chiffon or just a playful suit, then it would be worth your while to pop in. Perfectly matched with nature, paired with this beautiful wide brim Fedora hat from Gipsy Bean, a company designing quality felt hats to finish off any look.

And Ill end my post with this vintage dress.



The dreamiest vintage off white dress with a frilled collar and chiffon sleeves. Pair this up with Western boots, big black rim hat and dangling crystals, if you'd like to rock a possible  Dior Cruise 2018 look.

Big thank you to my lovely friend and very talented photographer Anya for braving the heat with me and finding the perfect little spots to shoot my garment. Give her a follow on her Instagram to see more of her work.

Thank you for reading


Find the following : 

Red tea-dress available on my shop Madseventies

Vintage green dress from Tick Tock Vintage

Silk Suit from Zara

Vintage dress handpicked from a vintage market.

Platforms from Beyond Retro

Hat from Gipsy and Bean

Both red and green crystal earrings from a local shop in Dalston