Welcome to Madseventies' Visual Diary

Mia Williams

Hi everyone! Welcome to my visual diary. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mia Williams, owner of Madseventies shop on Depop. A small town girl that moved to the big city of London to experience new things and meet more people.  What I love about London? The variety of charity shops and the early Saturday morning visit to vintage markets, the amazing coffee shops and trips to the country side by train.

I have always loved fashion and what better city to experience the wild and wonderful style London has to offer. I definitely find myself going through a variety of styles since living in London. Sometimes I have a strong urge to dress like Debbie Harry, leather trousers, white button shirt half tucked in with some mules, other days I like Jane Birkin, light floral dresses with a picnic basket and a big straw hat. I guess it depends on my mood and the weather of course. I would say most of my inspiration is influenced by musicians and poets from the 70's. François Hardy, Patti Smith, David Bowie of course, The who, Marc Bolan and many more. My partner thinks Im obsessed with buying clothes, who isn't, especially when you find those gems in a charity shop for £3. Those are the finds that makes me the most happiest. However, doing Saturday day routine with the girls did create problems storing it all. And that's when I decided to to give Depop a go by selling some of my unwanted garments. I've been selling now for almost two years, and I couldn't be more grateful for my followers and supporters on my shop called madseventies. It is such a great platform to recycle garments, not only is this better for our planet, but its a great way to meet and interact with others.


Its hard to keep up with the fashion trends as they change so quickly, sometimes more than once in a season?! How do you keep on track and stay fashionable? Before selling on Depop I secretly wanted to wear whats popular in high end fashion as its hard to establish yourself in a city you've never known before. But I've realised wearing garments that has or might still come into fashion is what I'm after. Wearing pieces that makes you stand out from the rest, pieces that could be worn in more than one way, for example, men's oversize shirt with collar tucked in and tied at the bottom with a chunky crystal choker or just hanging out loose with a pair of shiny trousers and some mules. I still have my days where I questions my dress sense, but I think thats what makes fashion great and exciting!



London has given me the opportunity to collaborate with amazing brands, attend charity events, meet amazing individuals along the way.



Photographed by Timothy Atkins in Hamstead Heath. Getting dressed, doing wardrobe changes, and styling with no mirror had its challenges, but I would not have it any other way than spending it in such a peaceful environment on a Sunday afternoon.

I hope I didn't ramble too much on my first blog post and that you enjoyed getting to know me as an individual. I will end my blog post by saying thank you for reading.


Red silk Kimono - Vintage

White Boho dress - H&M

Both Hats - Gipsy And the Bean

Mules - Zara

Glasses - Gucci

Picnic Basket - Ebay