Summer on Skiathos Island Pt.1

Mia WilliamsComment

After weeks of excitement and planning wardrobe outfits, we finally got to pack our bags for a long overdue holiday to the wonderful Skiathos, Greece. 

Why Skiathos? Its one of the most beautiful islands, friendly community, clear water, warm weather and incredible views, we just could not resist visiting again. They don't call it 'Boomerang Island' for nothing!


First things first.. What to pack when travelling light and braving very hot temperatures? Important to pack basics; A pair of denim and cycling shorts, one piece swimsuits (which can be worn as a top with a pair of high waisted jeans for a night out), silk scarfs; which can be used in multiple ways (around the head, as a belt, neck and even as a cropped top) a classic blazer and a few pairs of sunglasses to jazz up each outfit. 

With a pool, a bar not so far away, a walkway surrounded by lime trees, we couldn't resist getting to know our surrounding. Channeling a 'Dirty Dancing look' on the first day by pairing a one piece swimsuit with an oversized men's shirt (ideal to throw on if you want to cover up slightly) and chunky platforms. 

For dinner we went to one of our favourite restaurants; Salt and Pepper. Amazing service, red wine and very generous plates of food. 

After a good night rest we went to another favourite of ours; Troulos Bay; One of the most beautifull beaches. We snorkelled, absorbed all the sun, caught up on some reading and enjoyed the much slower pace of life. 

Kept it comfortable in a one piece swimsuit; a very flattering low scooped back and high thigh cut; practical as well as fashionable.  Added a silk scarf for some detail and a pair of oval sunglasses and see-through bag from Topshop.  

Night life in Skiathos is exciting and offers a range of great restaurants, some overlooking the sea views and others tucked into cobbled alleyways. 

thumbnail 10.jpg

For dinner I wore a simple black slip dress, platforms and my classic blazer over the shoulder. We indulged in good food and copious amount of sweet Prosecco. 

On our third day, we took the quad bike to Skiathos town. Cute corners, cobbled stone alleys and a range of restaurant. We took a walk up to Agios Nikoloas Church and clock tower to enjoy the views overlooking the harbour, When doing a days walking, comfort is key. So I went for a sporty Madseventies look; cycling shorts from Toyshop, milkmaid blouse from my Madseventies collection, a men's oversized shirt tied around the waist, which can be changed into, throughout the day. 

Agios Nikoloas Church and clock tower


Lunch at 'The Bourtzi

After a long a day of walking, we went to a local restaurant 'Under the Pine Tree' in our area; enjoying some good old house wine, pita break and tzatziki, while sitting under the trees, listening to traditional Greek music. 

Tim channeling 90's Italian with his patterned shirt and combed back hair. I am wearing my trusted blazer, denim shorts and loafers with socks, to add a little formality to the outfit. 

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our Skiathos adventures. Will be posting the second part this weekend coming, involving our boat and quad trip around the island. 

Thank you for reading