Skiathos Pt.2

Mia WilliamsComment

Skiathos Pt 2 continue~ we kept the adventurous days till last, which included rough roads and choppy water~ 

To get the best views of the island, I would recommend renting a quadbike if you plan on visiting Skiathos; It will provide fabulous views and an opportunity to visit sacred beaches which you can get to with only quad/boat.  

One of my favourite mornings was driving around the mountain (looking like a bee). It was good to escape the open air and be surrounded by the smell of pine trees and the sound of wild life. 


Again, comfort is key, ecspecially when you half a day on a quad. Kept it simple in high waisted swimming knickers, a Berksha shirt tied up, matching socks with platforms and my Gucci’s (you never know who you might bump into) while being in the mountain. My bag from Topshop, to finish off the look. Tim kept it cool and chic in his Urban Outfitters shirt and Ray Ban glasses.  

On our second last day we rented a speedboat. If you know me, you’ll know Im not the most comfortable in or on sea, however with no Sharks and supposedly no waves, I thought Id give it another go on the boat. We had a little bit of training before hand with a map guiding you around the 30 beaches available to visit. 

Finding a swimsuit which makes you feel sexy yet comfortable is a nightmare however this Swimsuit from Jaded Lnd was the perfect fit, with a touch of Versace style to it; A bikini cut to show off a little cheeky bum. Kept all my looks pretty much ‘Dirty Dancing’ inspired with one piece swimsuits, chunky platforms and oversized men’s shirts. 



Day time consisted of bathing in the sun and evenings served generous plates of food and Greek salads. 

But all good things must come to an end, so we went to town one last time. We ended up getting lost in between alleys and dodging scooters balancing bags of fruit while rushing to work. I kept it simple in a hand woven dress from Greece, with fabulous embroidered sleeves and hem. 


I fell in love all over again, with the cobbled stone alleys, the friendly community and the slower pace of life. 

We didnt see dolphins this time around but we got to explore different areas of Skiathos. 



On our last night I got spoilt with dinner at my favourite restaurant; Olive Thea Restaurant. A restaurant up so high, overlooking the entire Skiathos. Magical just wont do!