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Madseventies X Voodoo Trip Jumpsuit Collaboration  

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Looking for a statement outfit for a night out? Look no further! Voodoo Trip provides you with dazzle and flare!

I had the pleasure of styling these five unique jumpsuits, adding a little Madseventies touch to each outfit. A pair of fabulous oversized sunglasses brings an element of Elton John/Elvis Presley style to each look. 

Don't fear thinking this can only be worn on a disco or 70's night out, add an oversized blazer with a belt tied in the waist to have a more dressed down look.

Everyone likes to be bedazzled at some point in their life, well look no further, Voodoo Trip provides that glamour element. 

See their page for more jumpsuits

Model ~ Mia Williams

Styling ~ Mia Williams

Jumpsuits ~ Voodoo Trip