As I was shooting my new Madseventies vintage Spring Collection I asked myself how and when will we, take real action to protect our planet? What can we do? What should we NOT do?

Well, we can start right now! How?

Change doesn’t happen over night, but we can be more cautious on how and what we buy and consume.

I guess I could say, selling vintage, encouraging more fashion enthusiats to lean or support the vintage industry and feeling confident wearing vintage is my way of contributing torwards saving our planet.

I am no saint, and I do buy a cheeky top or jean from fast fashion retailers, but its about having awareness and limits, a strong mind and the confidence in wearing what you feel most comfortable and fashionable in, whether its in fashion or not.

Why I buy vintage fashion? Its either making a come back or its never left! Like a classic blazer or a patterned blouse?


The reality is, it takes 2.720 liters of water to make just one T-shirt. It’s estimated that only 1% of our clothing is ultimately recycled into new garments, because of this complexity.

According to Forbes, 12.8 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year in US alone and WRI reports that about 20% of industrial water pollution is due to garment factoring, which the world uses 1.3 trillion gallons of water each year for fabric dyeing alone.

This is just a few facts regards to the fast fashion industry, HOWEVER there’s a sliver lining around this dark discussions.

Designer Stella McCartney is just one of the examples, which uses her powerful presence to shine light on fashion destroying our planet and ways to go about, saving whats left of our beautiful planet, such as using recycled material, organic cotton, plastic from the ocean and econyl yarn for her designs! Thank you Stella for using your Instagram tool and status in such a positive way.

‘I’m a big believer in that just doing a little something, is a lot better than doing a lot of nothing’ Stella McCartney

Not only is Stella McCartney this positive movement but Adidas is working towards using recycled plastic for their products by 2030 and H&M has now created a process where you can drop off any used garments and get rewarded with a voucher. These are just a few people and companies that has shifted their aim towards a more sustainable approach, design and the use of materials.


And this brings me onto my next discussion? Social media and benefit of having a power tool such as Instagram with a big following?

Instagram has become so powerful that we get job opportunities via Instagram, we get invites to events, scouted for modelling jobs and get sent clothing to promote brands. Leave the CV and online job applications behind; this is the new way of getting work and exposure.

There is so much positives when it comes to using the social media tool; finding the next fashion trend, new music and forming new friendships because of same interests or mutual friends in common.

BUT there is a big BUT when it comes to Instagram and that is; big influencers/public figures using their Instagram to promote fast fashion; wearing and photographing the garment so it shows all the right angles and the material looks good from far? Does influencer know or even care on the materials being used, the working conditions of the workers making this piece and how much thoughts been put into this garment?

Sadly I have seen just too much fast fashion being promoted by powerful influencers (and its all over Instagram), which leads to young fashion enthusiast adding the hot trend to their basket straight away, because WHY NOT! We’d like to also own the fashion newest trend ? But the reality of this promotion is; wear once, promote it to the world and then? What happens to these so called trendy pieces.


It gives me joy to see fast fashion companies incorporating vintage sections into their shops HOWEVER I personally don’t think it gets the same attention and traffic. And my aim is to work closely in the vintage section within fast fashion brands, to create just as much excitement buying vintage, to create confidence mixing vintage and modern and be giving the same amount of attention on social media platforms. Change is not going to happen overnight but it would be good if we start thinking of ways in recycling our garments, mixing vintage with a modern piece, support upcoming fashion designers spending hours in making it with their own hands, and asking yourself, will you be wearing this religiously or is this just another fast fashion trend?

As Stella McCartney said ‘I’m a believer in doing a little something’ and making little changes could help us look after our beautiful planet.

All the pieces, except the striped suit is carefully handpicked vintage pieces now available on my shop to buy.

Thank you for reading and supporting my Madseventies brand.